Do More Of That Thingfeatured

Lettering by Liz Tregaskis I love this quote. It’s so exciting for some reason. Have you ever accomplished or done something you thought you couldn’t and felt that feeling after? It’s that feeling of elation, feeling so brave and like you can accomplish anything and everything after that. I want more of that feeling in Read more


Remembering | Memorial Dayfeatured

I think about freedom a lot. It’s a value of mine that I cherish deeply. I believe all people should have the ability to choose how they live, create a life that is unique to them, which provides them with happiness and fulfills their purpose on Earth. I cannot imagine living in a place that Read more


Beer + Art = Brenner Brewing – Milwaukee, Wisc.featured

In light of recently celebrating small and independent brewers for American Craft Beer Week last week, I couldn’t be more stoked to share my experience visiting and meeting up with the Brewmaster at Milwaukee’s newest brewery, Brenner Brewing. What Mike Brenner is doing in Milwaukee ought to be celebrated! While visiting family in Milwaukee two weeks Read more


Letting Go and Newnessfeatured

This new site comes on the heels of a break up. Not only a break up of significant others, but a break from the blog site and the lifestyle of Brew Explorers. To start something new is good. To let go of something you didn’t want to let go of is downright hard. This last Read more