I’m very opinionated about many different things. I often stand upon a figurative soapbox and just go! I get very wound up on certain social issues, political issues, everyday life issues, and am not afraid to speak my mind. I don’t mind a good argument or conversation around a controversial topic. I’m not always right but you should probably know, I will tell you what’s on my mind. What you do with that is your deal!

I get super fired up around topics such as women’s rights, human rights, choice, freedom, guns, obesity, fitness, willpower, making change, corporate politics, issues around pay, human trafficking, gender equality, society pressures/norms, and bullying. My opinion posts may be around these topics or other topics that drive me enough to speak up about them here!

If you agree with me, cool! If you don’t agree with me, cool! Either way, I’m good with it. If you do however choose to comment on my opinion pieces, and in particular, challenge me, you better be able to bring it and do so in a tactful and genuine way, or else you may not get my attention!