In This Lifetime

1. Blog consistently.I made a goal to blog weekly by March 17, 2016. And so far so good! Yay! Well, it’s more like monthly, but I will take that. – 4/2017. Update: It’s not happening now. But, I will get back at it! – 9/2017.

2. Learn Italian. I mean really learn it.

3. Vacation in the Maldives.

4. Run a full-time business. – Final Draft Taphouse opened July 3, 2017, and I quit all my other jobs!

5. Have a family. – I have an awesome family!- Mike (love dude), Charlie (poochie) and Simmy (kitty)

6. Do the thing I think I cannot do.

7. Have an article published.

8. Rate a beer a 5 on Untappd.

9. Visit Vancouver, B.C.

10. Pay off my credit card debt. – I’m on track to hit this goal by June 2016. Update – Yeah, right! I’m still on track but it will be in 2017. – 4/2017. Oh, this is hard. Not sure I’m tracking now with my business open. New goal = 9/2018

11. Live location independent. Even for just a period of time.

12. Live without a car.

13. Take dance lessons with my partner.

14. Road trip down the West Coast with my bestie, G.

15. Have a two-headed shower.

16. Live in the country with a big yard.

17. Write a book.

18. Introduce someone to the world of craft beer. – I think I can safely say I’ve done this and hopefully continue to do more of this now that my taphouse is open!  🙂

19. Forgive someone who has hurt me.

20. Read the bible.

21. Advocate for Women’s Rights.

22. Have a garden.

23. Brew beer.

24. Write a love letter to my Mom.

25. Create a daily work schedule and stick to it. – Well, I’ve created the work schedule and most weeks I’m sticking to it. But, I have yet to totally nail it!

26. Practice hot yoga.

27. Love a man who loves and accepts me for me.His name is Mike, and I couldn’t be more happy! He is totally amazing and loves me for me!

28. Talk to my legislator about an important issue.

29. See a woman as President.

30. Take my Mom to the French Rivera.

31. Finish my tattoo pattern.

32. Have just one job. For the first time since I was 18 years old, I have one job and that is running Final Draft Taphouse!

33. Dream big.

34. Kayak and hike in Torres del Paine, Patagonia region.

35. Push through and complete one race.

36. Adopt.

37. Hang in the French Polynesian Islands.

38. Explore SE Asia.

39. Photograph Tokyo and Beijing.

40. Go to the airport with no ticket, pick a place and go.

41. Take Krav Maga classes.

42. Get Cicerone certified.

43. Own a tiny house.

44. Learn how to be a healthy vegetarian.

45. Cook three healthy, clean vegetarian meals a week.

46. Take contemporary dance lessons.

47. Rent a car and drive the countryside in Ireland.

48. Find information about my ancestory in Hamburg, Germany.

49. Float in Lake Retba in Senegal.

50. Do a ‘brew’doir photography session with my man!

51. Love unconditionally.

52. Have a flat in Italy.

53. Climb a mountain.

54. Read four books a year.

55. Live without fear.