A Manifesto


I created the Adventures, Brews, and Views site because I believe in living adventurously and boldly, believe it is a worthy lifestyle, and want to encourage others to live this way! Living adventurously and boldly can look many different ways, which is the beauty of adventurous living – there is no right way as long as one is pushing himself/herself to pursue newness and strength along the way.

While both the process and the result of living adventurously and boldly can look different from one person to the next, there are a few things that I am willing to fight for and hang my hat on! This manifesto below outlines those things, and any and all people I feature, support, get involved with/partner with, share life with, or who create content for this site believe in these as well!

Life is an adventure in and of itself.



Living adventurously is a state of being and is worth pursing each and every day. Thinking and living adventurously pushes us to always be seeking new experiences and challenging ourselves to be better.

To Be Bold.

Living boldly is about facing fears, pushing passed our comfort zones, and pursuing growth and change, in ourselves and the world.

Finding and exploring new things/activities allows us to grow and learn about ourselves and others. Living adventurously and boldly go hand and hand and ultimately helps us make sense of the world.


Living boldly is saying yes to new opportunities that make us stretch our current selves in the hope and knowledge that new experiences will enrich our lives and those around us.

Living boldly is about speaking up about and fighting for the things in life that matter most for the betterment of ourselves, those around us, and the world.

I believe in standing up for what you believe, speaking up about things that are worth speaking up about, even if you are the lone person in the crowd because it’s the right thing to do for oneself, others around you, and the world as a whole.

Experiences matter more than things. I seek out experiences first and foremost and believe in storing up memories versus cluttering our lives with material things.

Living in community is very important. Doing this helps us live adventurously and boldly.

Exploring craft beer and appreciating the art and science of craft beer is adventurous.

Beer is social, and I believe in gathering around beer to share in community and pursue an adventurous and bold life together. Our love of craft beer is a vehicle for us to gather, live life together, and have meaningful conversations/experiences. Put in another way…Loving and exploring craft beer brings you closer to amazing friends and experiences that fuel great conversations, partnerships, community, and may even lead to lasting change in the world.

I believe…Beer will save the world. I don't know how, but it will!

I am passionate about supporting the craft beer community and what they represent …passion, art, entrepreneurialism, work-harding people.

Earning your beer through adventure activities is the best way to enjoy a beer. There’s nothing better than working it out and conquering a great adventure than celebrating with a cold brew afterwards.

I believe in sharing stories of living adventurously and boldly to encourage others to live boldly, fight for what matters most, speak up about and to ask for what they want without fear of disapproval, rejection or the opinions of others.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

I believe that living adventurously and boldly will create change in the world. In our ourselves, our own worlds, and by setting examples for others.

I believe that living adventurously is unique to each individual. It can be soft or hard adventures, and what adventure is unique to each individual. There’s no judgment here on what you find adventurous. The only caveat is that you are living boldly and pursuing what is adventure is to you.


I believe living boldly is also unique to each individual. However, the basic premise in living boldly is to push passed fear and fight for the life you are meant to live and stand up for the things that matter most to you.

Adventures, Brews and Views advocates for all of the above and encourages others to pursue these. I will cover many topics under this umbrella and encourage others to do the same.

And while I will often write from my faith-filled perspective, I welcome all readers who want to be part of the Adventures, Brews & Views community, regardless of their worldview, faith, gender, geographical location, life stage, or any other variable.

In short, the site Adventures, Brews, and Views remains true to its original mission and will publish thusly: to encourage its readers to live adventurously and boldly.

My vision for Adventures, Brews and Views is for it to be become a community of like-minded people in search of the permission and inspiration to live adventurously and boldly together as well as pursing it in our indivudiual lives.