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As many of you know, I  am working on opening my very own taphouse aka: beer bar in Vancouver, Wa. with my business partner and love dude, Mike. We announced it some time ago, and I’m not sure how I’ve neglected to get a link on this site for Final Draft Taphouse. But look up there; I’ve finally done it! Yay!

This is a true dream of mine, and Mike’s, and a labor of love and learning. It’s really only just beginning as we are starting construction this next week, but it’s already been all-consuming and the journey is bringing to light every emotion, every thought, and needing every ounce of energy from both of us. One day we are over-the-moon excited and the next day drained and terrified of the enormity of it. With that said, we wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. We are opening this taphouse for our love of craft beer, but also out of a love for building community and what we believe will be a gathering spot for like-minded people, and then what other things it can do for the people of Vancouver, Portland, and beyond. More to come on all of that, which I hope you will follow along with here and on our blog and social media, hence the link!

Cheers! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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