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Heathen Estate is just stunning! This place is tucked far enough away to feel secluded, yet close enough to Vancouver, Wa. so it’s quick drive making this new adventure of Heathen’s a wonderful place for sipping wine, tasting Heathen brews, and holding a perfect event!

Earlier this week, I got to ‘preview’ Heathen Estate and it’s new line of Halos & Heathens wine. From the front door to the billiards room to the backyard, this place makes you want to gather your friends and rent this baby out for the night! The estate itself is covered in grape vines ready to make grapes again, and the estate is newly Heathen-ized. Heathen Brewing took over the former Village Vineyards recently and are getting into the wine-making business as well as the event/room rental business.

The tasting room and the ability to rent out Heathen Estate for an event or just for you opens officially Saturday, April 1, and that’s no joke! Plus, they are having a smashing Grand Opening event put on by SoleilĀ Event Productions. The estate can be rented as a whole or by the room. The estate is great for weddings, corporate events, retreats, showers, you-name-the-event, it would be great for it! Here are the highlights in photos…

View (Southwest) from the Front Porch

View (North) from the back porch. Imagine what it will look like with the sun shining, a fire going, and a glass of wine in your hand!?!

Huge tasting room! Packed for the preview night!

Master suite, facing South

Master bath. Um, holy relaxing!

Second bedroom, with a bathroom.

View (North) from the second bedroom!

Third bedroom, with a bathroom.

Ballard room, with more beds!

Halos & Heathens wine line-up, thus far!

Heathen Beer! Will be pouring at Heathen Estate soon! Otherwise, hit up Heathen Feral Pub in Vancouver.

Thank you Soleil Bliss for a great preview event and Heathen for the beer!

Check out their website, Grand Opening event, Airbnb for room rental info, visit them for a tasting (hours above), and don’t forget to check out Heathen Brewing!


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